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KappaCrew is about living life with positivity, love and going on amazing adventures creating memories with the people we love. That's why we created Sorority Plus, to give our community chances to win trips around the world and more!

What you get as a Sorority Plus Member!

Every month you will get entered to win the following giveaways up to $5,000 in value for just $35/month!

  • Flights to tropical beach destinations around the world! (With a +1 of your choice.)

  • Swimsuits & Jewelry!

  • Flights to come do professional beach swimwear photoshoots!

  • $100-1500 USD Cash Prizes!

  • Professional photo presets!


Invite friends to get even more benefits!

        Additional Member Perks!

        Here are more perks you get access to as a member

        • Submit drawings of swimsuits you draw and if your design is picked we help you finalize it and put it into production, we also give you a 5% royalty on all sales from the swimsuits you design.

        • Create videos for KappaCrew and if we really like your content and its high quality, we'll pay to fly you out on a trip to do professional shoots of you on the beach for more KappaCrew content!


        Extra Sorority Plus information.

        With every new Sorority Plus member, we continue to add bigger giveaways for our members and doing extra monthly giveaways for long-term members, we want to continue giving you and others the best experiences and memories around the world.


        As a member of our exclusive group, you are also helping us protect beaches, oceans, and marine life. 5% of all memberships go to helping protect our environment.  

        The world is a big and beautiful place, let's never stop exploring it.

        Become a member today and get entered into your first giveaway!

        - The KappaCrew Sorority Team

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        I absolutely LOVE my bikini!! It’s so comfortable and it so freaking cute I feel amazing every time I put it on.

        Insta @madison_schofield
        KappaCrew™ Reviews

        This is, hands down, the best swimsuit I own! The quality and coverage is outstanding and long-lasting. This is important to me because I am very active and want to feel supported. I have never felt more confident and beautiful is a swimsuit before!

        Insta @danijotowle
        KappaCrew™ Review

        I found the website was super easy to navigate, checkout was seamless.
        Admins were super polite and helpful!!

        Bella McHugh
        KappaCrew™ Review

        I already ordered twice on this website and I'm super happy with my swimwear and necklaces!! 100% will recommended.

        Anne Bronte
        KappaCrew™ Review

        Super happy with my purchase as always! Great for yourself or for others - will be back to buy more from KappaCrew!

        Warnes Shelley
        KappaCrew™ Review

        Everything I have bought from KappaCrew has been good quality, any issues are instantly sorted and I shop here all the time.

        Courtney Jenny
        KappaCrew™ Review

        Great website, great swimwear and great services of delivery all around the world. They were in every moment answering all my questions, really amiable public relations team. And for sure the more that I love is the sharing of 5% of profits for the "Hearts of the Ocean".
        I am really happy with them I will continue ordering for sure.

        Sara Mendoza
        KappaCrew™ Review

        Love my suits from kappa crew, I have 4 now. Quality is good material and styles are in line with current looks. My one piece is actually my fave!

        Meghan Luby
        KappaCrew™ Review


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