Terpsichore One Piece
Terpsichore One Piece
Terpsichore One Piece
Terpsichore One Piece

Terpsichore One Piece

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A swimsuit that gives happiness and satisfaction even under the heat of the sun; with quality materials, deep frontal cut, and long lace knotted around the waist. Dance the heat away!

In ancient Greek mythology, Terpsichore is the goddess of dance and chorus and one of the nine Muses.

✦ Padded Top

✦ Wire-Free

✦ High Leg Waist

✦ Nylon, Polyester, and Spandex


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    I absolutely LOVE my bikini!! It’s so comfortable and it so freaking cute I feel amazing every time I put it on.

    Insta @madison_schofield

    This is, hands down, the best swimsuit I own! The quality and coverage is outstanding and long-lasting. This is important to me because I am very active and want to feel supported. I have never felt more confident and beautiful is a swimsuit before!

    Insta @danijotowle

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