Our story

Hello, welcome to KappaCrew! Thanks for stopping by to learn more about who we are. We can't wait to create more amazing things for you! We love embracing adventure, promoting positivity, and we believe that sharing love and doing good for others is what makes the world a better place.

KappaCrew was born from the idea that life is all about the adventures we take. What started out as a daydream of the beach in 2017, has now transformed into an entire lifestyle. We followed the sun to the island of Bali and after meeting amazing people and discovering how beautiful the world is, we knew we wanted to inspire others to also go on adventures and explore the world. Traveling the world allows you to not only learn about different cultures and ways of life, but it also teaches you so many things about who you are now and who you want to become.

So then we asked ourselves… how do we inspire other people to want to go travel too? Since we love the ocean so much, we decided we would create swimwear because it felt complementary to one another. With each swimwear, we would attach a message that could help inspire other people to want to see the world too. This felt good for our brand, our community, and the world. Over time, our little brand grew into a global community of over 100,000+ people who were all connected together, loving each other and inspiring others to go live their happiest lives. It’s so amazing to see our sisters promote more positivity in the world and take care of it too.

We are dedicated to our community, customers and conserving the world by using 5% of all profits to protect our oceans and the wildlife we share it with because water and the ocean is essential for life on earth. We love our planet, our people, and all we want to do is make the world a better place for our friends, family, children, and our children's children. Let's take care of the world together and make it a better place for ourselves and the people we love.


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