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Sorority Plus Membership

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Get a $40 Gift Card Every Month + Get entered into sorority giveaways every month, things you can win in the giveaways are vacation trips, swimsuits, professional photoshoots, website home page features, and a ton of other awesome stuff you will be entered into every month!

As ocean and adventure lovers, we love doing giveaways and supporting great causes, that's why 10% of all Sorority Plus Memberships go to support protecting life in the oceans and their ecosystems. 😊

Be a part of our sorority full of travel, adventure, and positivity loving people connected together from around the world all sharing common values & beliefs within our Sorority with awesome benefits for being a member.

As a Sorority Crew member you will have access to all of the amazing following benefits:

Design New Swimsuits

Let your creativity shine by submitting your swimsuit drawings and if your design is picked to be put into production we’ll give you a 5% royalty from all sales of the swimsuit you designed.

Become the Face of KappaCrew

Get picked to be the face of KappaCrew for 6 months for promotional content and be flown out to get a professional photoshoot done.

Sorority Plus Giveaways 

We obviously love doing fun stuff within our sorority community and giveaways is one of the best ways to show love and give back to everyone!


Sorority Plus $45/mo.

Monthly Giveaways

- $500 Gift Cards

- Swimsuit Giveaways

- Professional Photoshoot Giveaways

- Flight Giveaways (Up to $1500 USD.)