The KappaCrew Sorority™

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Your membership in the KappaCrew Sorority allows us to pool money and hopefully send YOU on new exciting trips around the world!

Giveaways up to $500 spendable at KappaCrew plus $2000 in trip vouchers!

Our sorority loves adventures, positivity, and loving each other so as a sorority sister, you will automatically be entered into our unreal sorority giveaways. We want to make life fun for everyone! <3

Exclusive access to Sorority Central!

As a member you will be given exclusive access to the Sorority Central, here you will be given 60% OFF all your summer shopping at KappaCrew! Saving you $40+ on every bikini this summer.

The KappaCrew Sorority Group Chat!

Join our Sorority group chat of like-minded individuals that keep each other inspired to live a fun, positive, and adventurous lives full of love! :)

Help design new Swimwear & Products!

Love to draw and design? Submit your drawings and If your design is chosen we'll work with you to put it into production and you'll get a 10% Royalty from all sales generated by it. (Available after being a part of the KappaCrew Sorority for 6 months.)

Community Inspiring Each Other

As a Sorority member, you're part of our incredible global community inspiring each other to live our best lives! The more members we have the bigger events and giveaways we can do for you and everyone!

We can't wait to get to know you more and have you a part of the group! Talk to you soon! <3