The KappaCrew Sorority™

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The KappaCrew Sorority allows us to do amazing things towards achieving our mission helping protect marine life, as well as do exciting things for you, your friends, and other sorority members! :)


Sorority Giveaways

We love traveling, spending time with friends, and going on adventures under the sun on the beaches of the world! We want to have the best giveaways ever and send our sorority members on amazing trips with their friends they’ll remember for the rest of their lives! 🌏


Sorority Central

In the Sorority Central you will be granted access to limited edition sorority only merch and 50-60% OFF all regular shopping, plus get Free Shipping on all Sorority Central Shopping. 🙌🏻


Our Sorority Cause

We can’t forget about the environment and protecting the perfectly balanced ecosystem we have on this earth, that’s why 10% of your sorority membership goes to help protect the ocean and marine life. Thank you for your support y’all! Together we can do anything. 😊


Help design new Swimsuits!

Submit your drawings and if your design is voted as #1 by the sorority we'll work with you to put it into production and you'll get a 10% Royalty from all sales generated by it. (Available after being a part of the KappaCrew Sorority for 6 months.)

As our sorority grows we're always looking to increase the size of the giveaways we throw for you in the sorority! Right now we're doing up to $500 KappaCrew Giftcards, Free Trips, plus more crazy things we can think of! Don't miss out on these crazy giveaways! We want to make sure we see you and your friends making the best memories under the sun together. Let's live our best lives! ❤️

If you have any questions about the KappaCrew Sorority, we're here to talk so email us anytime at sorority@kappacrew.com with any questions you may have.