KappaCrew | The Monthly Ambassador Package
KappaCrew | The Monthly Ambassador Package

The Monthly Ambassador Package

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As a KappaCrew Ambassador, you have access to join our Monthly Ambassador Packages!

A Monthly Ambassador Package is a package that we send out to our ambassadors every month with items we want them to wear and post on social media!

Every month we will pick out items we'd love to see you wear based on the package you select. You can also let us know if there's a specific item you'd like us to send and we'll swap out the ones we picked for the ones you choose.

For sizes, once you complete your subscription let us know your sizes and we'll add them to your profile, so we know what sizes to send you every month and if you ever need to change your size, you can let us know, and we'll update your profile.

Use the exclusive ambassadors@kappacrew.com email to talk to our ambassador's team with the best help!

So go ahead and join so you can get your first package!