The Heart of the Ocean


Since the beginning of KappaCrew, we have always felt passionate about keeping our oceans clean and doing our part to protect it.  

We love our beautiful oceans and the wildlife we share it with. That’s why in 2021, our goal is to set up our own fund called "The Heart of the Ocean". This fund will focus solely on keeping our oceans clean and educating people on how they can also do their part to help. In order to make true change in the world, we need both the initiative and the awareness.

To fund this initiative, we are taking 5% of all our profits from KappaCrew’s sales. The funds will go towards research, local beach clean ups and educational initiatives on how to keep the oceans of the world clean.

The most important part of all of this is to help educate people. If people are unaware of how they can help prevent ocean pollution, then cleaning it will just become a never ending, recurring process.

Thank you for believing in our cause, contributing to our cause and standing by us through everything we do. 

Stay tuned for more info and updates!


See you under the sun,